Sunsets and shelters

This past summer has been a strange one! The countrywide lockdown and continuing global pandemic, has meant that straying too far from home has been at best frowned upon and at worst, illegal.

The advantage to this is that I have taken the opportunity to photograph some places that are less than 1hr from home. You have seen some of the results of this already in my lensball efforts and my obsessive photographing of beach huts, but believe it or not, there is more on the south coast than beach huts…

For example, there is a fair bit of sea, and these amazing shelters and some fairly spectacular sunsets!

I love the art deco style of these! There are others which are more ornate, but these are by far my favourite!

Lastly, along with beach huts and shelters, the south coast this past year has been host to some fairly impressive sunsets, which may or may not feature beach huts…

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